Welcome to the Center for Autobiographic Studies (CAS) website. CAS is a not-for-profit educational organization since 1997, dedicated to promoting the knowledge, appreciation, creation and preservation of autobiographic works. These works may be written for self-understanding, for preserving family and cultural history, or for pooling wisdom gained from diverse individuals’ life experiences.

Here, you will find updates about the most current happenings at CAS and you will find helpful information about writing and/or publishing your autobiographic writing. We thank you for your interest and welcome your comments and participation.

Director of CAS Tristine Rainer will be speaking and reading about her mentor Anaïs Nin in a free event "The Allure of Anaïs Nin" on Friday – 7:00pm, January 29, 2016, Antioch Community Hall, 602 Anacapa Street antiochsb.edu/nin

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Anais, a Dance Opera at the Greenway Court Theater

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